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Reuse with a guarantee in agriculture, industry, golf courses, parks and gardens

Reclaimed wastewater for reuse has considerable potential as a supply source, especially in regions that are hard-hit by water shortages. Reusing this water must be done under conditions of utmost safety, providing guarantees of disinfection at the time of use. This essential factor is often handled poorly by traditional treatments.

### Optimization and safety in water reuse There are serious and diverse risks of reinfection in current systems that distribute reclaimed water to major consumers (agriculture, parks and gardens, golf courses, and industry): the time between the disinfection of water and its use, the state of the distribution lines, and the temporary storing of water in canals, basins and/or tanks. To combat the risk of reinfection, it is commonplace to use chlorine dosing, which in turn poses the following downsides: - Difficulty finding the adequate concentration of chlorine that guarantees disinfection in the most unfavorable points without exceeding the maximum limits in the most favorable points. - When attempting to minimize the risk of over- or under-chlorination (microbiological risk), it is often necessary to do intermediate re-chlorination which, apart from not completely eliminating the risks, results in significant logistics and management costs. 
 - The creation of by-products that are potentially harmful to health.

Why use the Geodesic system?

- Because we do not use chemical products, thus avoiding the harmful effects they cause. - Because it works regardless of the physiochemical and microbiological characteristics of the water to be reused. - Because it makes the disinfection treatment strategy more flexible, and it makes it possible to consider treatment either at the beginning of the distribution network or somewhere closer to the point of delivery, with reduced management and logistics costs. - Because it makes it possible to section the distribution network and to adapt it to the specific needs of each sector and/or consumer. - Because it avoids re-chlorination as we know it today and thereby eliminates your logistical and chlorine-handling issues. - Because it is cost-effective.
Geodesic | Water Distribution Networks
Geodesic | Water Distribution Networks

Control and monitor your installations wherever you are

At Geodesic, we designed CB-OPCON so that you can control your installations from anywhere in the world: Access periodic reports, set alarms, start up maintenance or modify your program’s settings.